Parent Information

2nd Grade Binder

In second grade a binder is provided to each student. The 2nd Grade Binder is a helpful tool for parents and students to stay informed and up-to-date for a successful year in second grade. The 2nd Grade Binder is used to communicate a student's progress toward a specific standard or goal. This is shown by the work that is reported and/or completed in the binder.


In 2nd grade, we do not send home the blue home links for math as previous grades may have. Instead they are used as a formative piece before a lesson to flexibly group students for our small group math rotations. However, if any type of work comes home in the front of the binder, it is because it was not finished during the day. It should be returned the following school day.

Since very little homework is sent home, we do expect that all student's read at least 15-20 minutes every night to practice and perfect reading skills learned in school. Every month students will receive a 400-Club calendar to enter these minutes and return to school for charms and chances to win awards. If you are unable to read on a given night, make up for it on another night!

Fact fluency in math is also just as important as reading fluency. Students are expected to complete an entire XtraMath learning session working on these facts on a daily basis. This should only take about 10 minutes if the student is concentrating and putting forth their best effort. 
2nd graders should also attempt to complete three sessions of their choice of either Khan Academy, IXL, or XtraMath throughout the weekInformation was sent home during entrance conferences regarding their accounts. 

Eagle Express Newsletter

Our weekly newsletter will be put in the 2nd Grade Binder and sent home the last day of each week. The Eagle Express highlights what has happened throughout the week and what is expected in the week to come. Please initial the top of the newsletter and leave it in the 2nd Grade Binder indicating that you have reviewed it with your child. An electronic email will also be sent to parents that wish to receive it in that format as well. Past issues of the Eagle Express can be found on the link to the left.
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