Parent/Teacher Relationship

I believe that a good parent-teacher relationship is necessary for maximum student success. Throughout the year I will communicate with you through emails, notes, telephone calls when necessary, parent-teacher conferences, and this website! I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time. You can call me at school (388-5202), send me a note, or e-mail me at:

School Attendance & School Hours

Your child's regular and prompt attendance at school is crucial to his/her success. We can't emphasize this point enough! Most kindergarten learning activities are time specific, group oriented, and involve interaction with classmates.  Please view school as a priority  and see to it that your child attends everyday except in cases of illness or emergency.  
Kindergarten students attend school from 8:10 to 2:40.  

Parent Participation

Visitors are ALWAYS welcome in my classroom! Please do send me an email or a note so that I can let you know where we will be. We also love parent volunteers! Please email me if you would like an extra parent volunteer form and I will get that to you!

Special Classes

Your child will have either Physical Education, Music, Art or Library each day. 
Library/Media will be once a week. Please help your child remember to return their book before the due date!

Special Schedule:
Monday: Physical Education 9:05-9:55
Tuesday: Art 12:05-12:55
Wednesday: Music 12:55-1:45
Thursday: Media 12:05-12:55
Friday: Physical Education 9:05-9:55

Tuesday Folder

Every Tuesday your child will bring home their Tuesday Folder. This folder will contain a variety of important information such as notes from me, the district, Hoover PTA, Dan Kamphoff, and  other various organizations. It is very important that you look over this information and return this folder on Wednesday!

Sharing Bag

Your child will be given the opportunity to bring home the Sharing Bag about once a month.  A letter will  be inside the bag describing this activity.


Birthdays are a special occasion for young children.  If your child wishes, he/she may bring treats for our class.  Please do not send birthday party invitations to school unless you are inviting ALL the children in the class.  Although it may seem convenient to distribute invitations this way, it can result in hurt feelings if some students are not invited.  We will celebrate summer birthdays on their half birthdays.

Water Bottles

We keep mini water bottles at our tables in our classroom. This eliminates a lot of interruptions and keeps the students hydrated throughout the day. If you are able, please sign up to donate 24 mini water bottles to our class. I will sent a note home letting you know when your turn arrives.


In Kindergarten we have a small snack in the morning. I ask that you "donate" a box or bag of snacks when a note goes home with your child asking you to fill our snack cupboard. Some healthy suggestions include: Saltines, graham crackers, Cheez-Its, Goldfish, Apples, Chex Mix, Cheerios, Pretzels, Vanilla Wafers, Fruit Snacks, etc.